Today I am going to talk about faking it!!!!!!!
I will return to showing Kris's chair in the next post.....
(if I get the back right.....that's a loooooong story.)
Lots of houses have windows that we wish were taller.
In my buddy, Kris's, master bedroom we had this very problem!
She didn't want valances on the windows, which is a tried and true way to make them look taller.
She is a pain in the @$$ wonderful friend, and I thank the good earth every morning for her friendship!!!!!
I used Venetian blinds to do the trick.
If you've been following my blog, you'll remember her bedroom.
We've been working on it for a while, and had gotten this far.
This is the way the windows looked before we hung the draperies.
Then I had the draperies hung, but the blinds hadn't come in yet.
Here are her windows, when we last saw this room....
You can see that I had the poles hung way above the top of the window header.
So, I wanted it to look like the windows were as tall as the drapery pole.
A great way to do this is with blinds.
That's Steve on the ladder.
I had him hang the blinds to just behind the pole.
When the blinds are raised, you need to tilt the slats closed so you can't see the wall behind them.
I had the slats match the woodwork, and the tape pulled out a dark beige color from the wallpaper.

That's Scott on the bed.
I made him get up on it and straighten the tapes.
I mean.....
this is a professional operation, already!!!!!
here's the room so far.
We need to do the bedding.
Find a night stand for the left side (Kris's side) of the bed.
Find a rug.
Hang artwork.
And lots of other stuff that makes a room a Betsy room!!!!!
Here's a before and after for up until this point.
(Kris let me take the before shot when she was in the middle of changing her sheets.....she's a trouper!)
The room's getting cozier and cozier.
Kris is happy.
At least she was until she sees that I called her a pain in the @$$ wonderful friend, and so smahrt!!!!!

On that note...
Latah, Gatah


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