And so the saga continues... This week has been a 'rollercoaster ride' for me.

First of all, we had a major Vent issue. Remember that I was changing my vent to this...

Used to have a drop-down vent

Well, the original plan was to take the duct work thru the ceiling and out the wall to the side of the house. Simple and easy right? Wrong. 
There were too many obstacles in the way for us to do that and I emphasized already that I did not want a re-circulating vent since the main reason why we're switching to an overhead vent was we wanted more of the cooking smell OUT!

Luckily though, our carpenter was very smart and luckily too, taking the vent all the way up thru the roof, it would only pass thru  a linen closet upstairs and not cause any unsightly pipes to show. And so the vent went up...

Chose a Zephyr Milano-G series vent
On the upside, after the vent was installed, a lot of the appliances went in too!

Small 18" Beverage fridge for the island

Built-in Trim kit for our old Panasonic microwave
Got the Built-in Trim kit idea from Lisa over at "Sine Your Light" Blog when she disscussed about Microwave ovens! Thanks a bunch Lisa! I saved a lot and am pretty happy with this kit, but I think my hubby is even happier - for the same reasons. ;-)

Viking warming Drawer
Decided to get one becuase I love to host parties and I don't like serving cold food at all come winter time. So finally have one. Hope I will use it enough!

 Then came  mid-week,  I got some bad news on the countertops, the last big piece of this 'puzzle'! Basically, a major delay since the stones were not yet even delivered to our area!

I chose Danby marble...

Danby Marble



Initially wanted Carrera marble but the countertop people advised me against it saying that it was "too soft" for the kitchen and would scratch up and stain more. So I chose one that kinda looked like carrera.
This will go on the island and office area.

The second stone I chose for a countertop is the  Emperadoro Ceasarstone...
It will go on the tops of all the cabinets.
Of course, for now, there's nothing we can do but wait... :-)

On the other up-side, I finally chose this bar stool for the island...

Ikea Urban Bar stool
I wanted white, backless and swivel stools and this one had the perfect color and price! Hopefully, it won't get so dirty in the long run, that's my biggest fear with white! We'll see..

Additional details on the Pantry Cabinet is up as well. Like the gold bar pulls and the furniture feet!
And lastly, the thing that went up this week that made me very happy was the wallpaper!

I will tell you more about the wall paper in my next post since
how I got it is a good story to share with you all. :-)
Oh and did I mention, I got sick too!!!!!
Better now, but still recovering.
That's my roller coaster week. Looking forward to the next days in this saga!

Have a Great Day!


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