Hoe Kay.....
I'm back to talking about my struggles with the reupholstery project that's trying to kill me a real challenge!!!!!
Last we visited this nightmare undertaking, we had gotten this far.....
If you've been following me, you know that I started with the chair looking like this.....
for the past week.....
I've been struggling with the @#$ thing!!!!!
Because I have no shame,
I will show you all the stupid stuff I tried.
The fabric is pricey, and my buddy Kris (it's her chair) paid for it, so I am trying to be really careful and not ruin it.
A chair like this takes 6 yards.
I pulled out some old sheets that my mom gave me, and used them to try and make a pattern.
Since there are going to be buttons on the back, I used my big T-pins to hold the fabric where buttons might go.
Then, I started to pin around the chair.
Then, I pinned the arm piece to the back, as if it was a slipcover.
I got one arm pinned on, and it was lookin' pretty good!
I was feeling pretty smug!!!!!
I had no idea that I was in.....
way over my head!!!!!
So, I seamed both arms to the back piece and put it back on the chair, to see if it would fit.
It didn't fit at the bottom, was too tight.
I pieced in a little fabric to make it fit.
Then I took it all apart to use as my patterns.
And bravely started cutting the linen fabric.
Put it on the chair.....
and proceeded to have a melt down.
I did what I always do in this type of a situation.
For those of you new to my blog.....
Drape It is the work room I use for my window treatments and for my custom upholstery.
They are also some of my closest friends.
I begged Joe (the proprietor.....) to please let Kris and me bring the chair over for a tutorial with his fabuloso upholsterer Gilles.
the next day, Kris and I hauled the chair over to their workshop and found out everything that I was doing wrong.
I will show you guys what Gilles taught me in my next post.
It's dinner time, and I'm hungry, so I'm not going into it now,
but I will show you a shot of how far I got today.
I still have to trim the fabric.
Add the buttons to the inside back.
Reupholster the outside back.
Cover the outside back.
Add double welting to cover all the staples.
Oh yeah.....
and make the cushion.
Out of down.
'Cuz Kris wants a poofy cushion, and I try to give her everything she wants.
For those of you wondering why I'm doing this.....
Why do people climb Mt Everest?????
This is my Mount Everest!!!!!
On that note.....
Latah, Gatah


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