Hi Friends! 

I feel like I've been M.I.A. for sooooo long! And I was!

The thing is, aside from being a new mom again to my little Sophia, things have been extra hectic around our household. First, during halloween I was busy planning for my teen son's birthday party! You see it was his last year in his school and he wanted to have a small celebration with his classmates and friends, so Halloween became extra busy for us. 

Secondly, a gathering this Saturday at my house is in the works since my friend priest is coming for a visit and so we have to get the house ready for a mass and this small party!

Thirdly, aside from planning for Thanksgiving, we have been busy going all around STL for school visits and interviews for my eldest son!

Fourthly, I'm also busy preparing for Sophia's BAPTISM and party after Thanksgiving!

Lastly, I'm going Christmas Crazee already and am busy prepping our house already!!! Hopefully I can show you my Christmas decorations around the house soon, I'm so excited about this one since it's Sophia's 1st Christmas and family are all coming to celebrate this holiday with us!


But for today let me share with you the simple and hurried birthday party prep I did for my son!

I had more of those Halloween decor hangings but did not have the time to hang the others
It's a bit tricky planning a party for teens, but I couldn't help decorating still!

Cake table

What's halloween without the sweets right?

Proud of this cake - baked it and my mom made her super yummy icing! I added halloween tummies to make it more fun!

Party scene

More Candies

Drink Station

Kid-friendly fruit punch - Cranberry juice, ginger ale and frozen lemonade, YUMMY!
Oh and frozen lemon skull!

Our MENU: Pizza, chicken n' dumplings (my son's fave), Baked mac n' cheese, breadsticks
and crispy chicken

My young man!
Your probably wondering about our costumes right? We didn't do a family-themed costume this year since we all wanted different outfits but here they are...

Star Lord from "Guardians of the Galaxy" & Steve from Minecraft

My husband went as Tony Starck a.k.a. Ironman without the costume as he accompanied my young man trick-or-treating
and I was simply a mommy giraffe with my baby giraffe. :-)

That's it for now, I have a lot of blog-backreading to do, hope I can all get to see and read all your wonderful posts!

Have a Great Weekend!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


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