I'm sure most of you are like ours.
The Basement becomes the home of old furnitures and other knick-knacks in the house that it's rarely featured on blogs.

Our is no exception. Other than the Movie Theater area (we D-I-Yed our movie screen HERE), Painting the walls and Changing the floors, it pretty much remained the same.

I did however added this...

Our counter-height table and chairs
This was what we had BEFORE

Yup, plastic table wasn't cutting it for us
I actually changed this over a year ago but just I haven't shared it to you all ;-)

I got the wooden dining set from a Resale store for less than $200 and I added the 2 upholstered chairs from World Market. The picture of Chicago is from IKEA which I recently purchased.

Great view from here too
I had to have counter-height table and chairs because as you can see, part of our theater area is elevated so we needed taller chairs for sure to accommodate more people if needed ( great for big games and all).

Finally hung these too!

Check out that thing on the right....
We finally hung our favorite movie posters on the wall ( this will needs some tweaking since my oldest son is currently so into Stanley Kubrick and insists we change "TITANIC" to "2001 Space Odyssey"!), and that big "spaceship-like" chair on the right was my Christmas gift to my hubs...

Osaki 4000-T Massage chair

This massage chair was truly worth the money I think. It doesn't look great, but man, we can sit on it for a looong time and feel so relaxed and refreshed afterwards. If you want to know more about it just let me know. ;-)

Concession stand
We also got a Candy Grabbing machine as a gift from a friend last Christmas and it was added to our concession stand.

Not much change
Like I said, the basement is our cast-offs home too. So the leather sofa bed sectional sits here as well as other occasional chairs are here

My Moroccan table still has to make an appearance above ground ;-)

It's suits well here since it can provide extra-seating for watching on the big screen.

We still have our gaming & exercise area across the sectional - it's too chaotic to show just yet.

That Gallery wall needs major tweaking too 

There you have it, our basement updates. We actually use this room often since we love movies and it's always nice and cool down here. I need to do a lot of tweaking as I mentioned, and hopefully, I can and I will soon. We'll see.. ;-)

Have a Nice day!


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