After my last post, a couple of you asked me to show more shots of the lamp in the vignette.
if a couple of you asked, I figure a much larger number must want to see it also.....
LIKE 10!!!!!
So, today I am doing a special request blog post on.......
MY LAMP!!!!!!
I had been writing about how I used green repeatedly in my family room.
I noticed this as I was scarfing down sipping my wine the other night.
I had this lamp made out of a vase I found while junking high end antiquing.
I loved the shape and the chrysanthemums hand painted on it.
I have no idea how old it is.
I will authoritatively state that it is from the 1930's!!!!
Or 40's....
or 20's.....
or maybe turn of the century.
I loved it and bought it and decided to transform a reasonably priced vase into an expensive lamp!!!!!
I took it to Blanche P Field in the Boston Design Center, and had them drill it and wire it and add the top cap with sockets and make a wooden base and paint it the color I specified and then make a custom lamp shade.......

Here's a close up of the vase.....
I decided to try to get rid of that shiny glaring spot in the middle of the vase, so I used PicMonkey to try and fix it.....
I used their cloning tool, and I was having a rough time.....
Below is my first attempt.
As you can see, it was not a screaming success.
I tried again, this time a leetle better.
Side by side.
I probably should have just left it alone and saved myself a half hour of dicking around.
forget about the wasted minutes of my life, and let's get to the lampshade details.

The trim was comprised of a twisted, braided cord overlaying a folded green and gold ruffled ribbon.
These are trims that are in stock at Blanche P. Field.
Their supplies change over time, and you never know what they'll come up with when you go in to design your custom shade.
This twisted cord was really cool.
It sorta dives into its middle and comes out the other side.
The ruffled ribbon had a gold metallic edge which added just a touch of glimmer and reflective light to the shade. 
The base was custom made to fit the bottom of the vase, then painted to what my tiny brain thought would work in my family room.
You may have noticed that the trim and the base are two different tones of green.
There are lots of different greens in my family room, and we decided that the lamp could have different hues.
This is not something I normally would do.
Especially not for a client, as they would complain that it was off,
but that's the joy of decorating for myself.
I can paint outside the wait.....outside the lamp!!!!!

On that note.
Latah, Gatah


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