last night I was drinking my glass of wine.........
And I looked over to my left, and loved the vignette it created while I watched the
 Real Housewives of Hell!!!!!!!
So I had to run and grab my camera, because I just loved the way all the greens worked together.
Then I thought.......
" need to write a post about how all the greens go together while you drink wine!!!!!!!!!"
So this is what I'm doing.
obviously I love green.....
The little cabbage leaf plate is what I use for a coaster, as I sit and watch TV and scarf down my dinner.
It's Wannopee Pottery, and I have a whole collection of them hung on walls and spread around the house,.
The little green box that's in the background of the vignette has a rose on its lid, and a chip on its corner.
So that you could see it.....I took another shot of the vignette from a different viewpoint this morning, because that's the wonderful blogger that I is!!!!!
I've had this box since my 20's, it's green milk glass and I love it.
This is what can happen when you are too lazy to clean your own house.........
I have a set of tiny multicolored dishes from Japan.
I use the green one to hold my pills that I have to take.
As a child of the 60's, I am proud to be on so many drugs!!!!!
And last but not least is the glass that holds my wine....and my water.....and my milk.
I drink a glass every night before I go to bed.
Lactaid Skim Milk!!!!
Livin' large in my 60's!!!
So, my advice to you is to drink wine and skim milk and create vignettes by grouping items with a similar color or theme together. 

But I think the most important lesson to take away from today's decorating session is:
Drink wine and milk.....not necessarily in that order.....

On that note,
Latah, Gatah.....

Oh, wait.....
I don't want to forget the green accents in my lamp.
scroll back up and notice the base, lampshade trim and leaves around the flower..... 


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