Have you always wondered more about your
favorite bloggers "personal space" ?

Well I have, so I thought of posting something about it here today.

I asked some of my favorite bloggers to submit a picture of their bedside table and give a brief description if what's on it.
They were all very kind enough to share this with me & all of you.

Since I think Bedside tables may be "personal" territory, Let's start with mine...

Yup, clutter-top for me ;-)

I like to see things that mean a lot to me all the time..

Beauty stuff - Hand cream, lip cream, foot cream and Evian water mist
Sentimental Stuff - Pictures and cards and a paper flower from my son last Valentines
Faith stuff - prayer book, cross and my eye mask (don't ask me why)
And of course, BOOKS!

My current stash including magazines
I don't have a lamp because I have a floor lamp close-by not shown in the picture.

Now that I have shown you my bedside table, let me show you some of my favorite Blogger's bedside tables!

Let's start with the awesome Mother-daughter team of Powell Brower home

 Bethany from Powell Brower Home

"We chose mirrored chests to bounce around what little light our bedroom gets. And because of the light factor, we added lamps and mirrors behind the lamps to amplify the light both from behind and below (in the mirrored chest top). Mom and I are huge fans of mirrors (not for the vain reasons you'd think!) because they really help open up a small space. And the fickle frequent redecorator in my is tiring of them quickly, but for now, they are a great option to store socks, PJ's and undergarments in. I love to have fresh flowers when possible and my favorite resource for them is Trader Joes - the best prices! When I don't get to the store, I like to go uproot some of the hostas or ferns in my yard. And I have a teeny horn tray that holds my chapstick, glasses and any jewelry I need to take off before bed. Lastly, I have a horse block print that was my grandmother's tilted against the mirror to add a layer. I just love layers!"

And not to forget, this gorgeous lamp that also belonged to Bethany's Grandmother,  an old Waterford Crystal lamp that has moved all around in different places and spaces with Bethany!

Of course, Powell Brower wouldn't be complete without Mom Nancy's Bedside table.

Nancy from Powell Brower Home

"I have two narrow, tall chests flanking our king size bed. I honestly don't use my bedside table for more than stowing earrings or jewelry before I go to bed. Rarely do I read in bed or spend time in my master suite except to sleep, although I firmly believe one's bedroom should be a retreat, or at least look like one."


Charmaine from My Best Friend Craig

"I try to keep my bedside table top clutter free so I only have - a lamp, a book/nook, candle, plant/flower and a jewelry box. What's inside the drawer is another story!"
Don't we all have that Story about our drawers?! :-)

Samma from Honey Sweet Home

"As much as I'd love to keep my nightstand styled and uncluttered, there's too much real life stuff. There's always a stack of books and magazines for bedtime reading, and a journal to jot down notes or lists whenever inspiration strikes :) Our bedside lamps totally aren't to scale but anything bigger would take up much-needed space, so I'm hoping to add some wall sconces down the line (that or upsize our nightstands!). I keep tissues on hand as well as a little massager, and a coaster for those nightly glasses of water. The florals are only occasional - whenever the hubby treats me or I treat myself - but I love waking up to fresh flowers! I added the candle recently for a little relaxation before bed - it's raspberry tulip and smells heavenly :) "

 Linda from Calling it Home
(formerly My Crafty Home Life)

"This is it. Kindle, laptop, wireless mouse, alarm clock, favorite hand lotion"

Kerry Steele from Design Du Monde

"The boxes are part of a collection of small and large trinket boxes that have fascinated me for as long as I can remember. I move them around and that was just how they are for the time being. There is an antique mirror that ended up there for lack of a better spot and a cup of pencils and sketch book. I got the lamp at Target more than 10 years ago, when it was new in our area and I was hooked."

Laura from Decor to Adore

"The vintage angel belonged to my mother Karen. It is actually intended to be a Christmas decoration as it plays “Silent Night” but I have so few things of my mom’s that the angel lives somewhere in the house all the time. It’s joined by a beautiful antique Bavarian teacup that my dear friend Marydon gave me the last time we had lunch together. I keep a small votive inside for when I want a bit of candlelight. Again with the wee artwork. I found this tiny treasure in the French Quarter of New Orleans while visiting my dear cousin L. We had just eaten our fill of beignets and were in front of the St. Louis Cathedral where many artists congregate."

Kelly from Eclectically Vintage

"I love that the first thing I see before I fall asleep and as soon as I wake up is the smiling faces of my twin girls. Because every girl deserves flowers, (go ahead and buy them for yourself!), a mini orchid sits on a tarnished silver tray (I have a collecting weakness for old silver) with a shell to remind me of the beach and a candle. My vintage Big Ben clock keeps me running on time."


Malou from Skip to Malou food blog

"What's on my bedside? Nothing much (they are all inside haha) I am always so disorganized so all the stuff that I have is in the drawer . That way the top is clutter free... clutter free table calms me down. I don't want to handle clutter before going to sleep and if there's something beside me even just keys I feel like it bothers me. "

There you have it folks.
A quick peek of  some of my fave bloggers' bedside tables!
I got a lot of ideas from these ladies and actually realized some of the reasons why I have some of the stuff on mine!
Thank you again very much to all of you ladies! 
Your support  means so much to me. You are the BEST!
Hope you too garnered some inspiration for your own bedside table. And please check out their wonderful blogs (if you haven't yet) soon!


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