Have you been to TARGET lately?
I haven't, and I was pleasantly suprised with this new small section they have .


The stuff are not dirt cheap, but are pretty cute and some are  reasonably priced.
It reminds me of a store back home called GIFT GATE
 (the kid and tweetums version of the new Target section)

I frequented this store  A LOT when I was younger.
I love Sanrio products, trolls, swatch and anything cute for that matter. And I think, I never really outgrew that.
My collecting bug only evolved into another form - mainly collecting cuter things for my home!

Do you have a favorite store you frequented as a child or teen?
Do you buy things just because they're cute even if you don't need them?
By the way, I have been busy tweaking my itty-bitty craft room and I can't wait to show it to you soon!
Have a lovely day!


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