Finally, here is our project in all it's library glory!!!


The book shelves turned out to be amazing don't you think?! Too good that I actually told my hubby, "Hon, did you really build this?!" Ha! He smiled. I did the finishing touches of course, but in the end I have to give full credit to my one and only for this great project. If you wanna see how we did this click here and here.

Office part is on the right

We moved our old  table (from CB2) from the breakfast area to the library for a bigger desk everyone can use. We also moved two of our chairs from the same room here.

Here are some closer shots of the bookshelves...

My shelf on the far left

As you can see, a lot of my milk glass collection, and other decorative objects are out on display YEY! I also opened a book and placed some of the books facing front for display.

Books and Knick-knacks all together

Still need to buy some baskets to hide unsightly stuff

All set for our family to hopefully, happily, do work and homework together

Office chair ready for a turn around when needed

The rug is temporary, it's a utility rug that cost me $9 from Menards! I am still deciding on the proper color of rug for this space, I may need your help on that to decide. For now, this will do so our hardwood floors are protected.

Office Area
I placed the office supplies and shredder and printer into one of the old bookcases we have in this room. Mail sorter is on the right.

Certificates of Achievement

Call us old-fashioned, but we feel that our achievements in education should be up for display since we want our kids to be inspired and know that such achievements are of great importance in our family. :-)

I also have a bookcase for the kids stuff, that's a whole other post all together though.

Hope you enjoyed our Library, I know that this will be a regular hang-out spot for everyone in our house, not just for school work, but for enjoying books and reading in general. :-)

Have a Beautiful Week!


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