Last year I shared pictures of my Jewelry organizer in my closet on facebook.

Thought I share it with my other friends who aren't on Facebook. So here it is...

My Kikay Kit

I thought of this last summer when we got this IKEA laptop wall desk. I had my hubby attach it on the wall and then I added a GOLD RADIATOR SCREEN.

Necklaces and hanging earrings galore

I placed foam stickers (the one you apply on the feet of your furniture to help it slide easier?) on the corners  & and on the middle, under the screen to elevate it from the wall. Then I attached it to the wall using screws. I then used regular peg board hooks to hang my accessories - easy & adjustable.

Bracelets and Bangles on a tree

I got the bracelet tree from TJ Maxx for $12 years ago.

Earrings and special bracelets easy to view

To protect my earrings, I placed them individually inside clear acrylic boxes I bought on clearance from Crate and Barrel 2 years ago ($3 for 12 pcs.). I love that I can see them all and when I travel, easy to just pick and choose - no worries about scratches or tangling with my other accessories. :-)

More accessories

This desk came with a rubber string on which I hang my other bracelets. Boxes for other special accessories. The glass hand for the rings and other hoop earrings. My mom gave that to me 4 years ago, although 1 finger broke off already, I still use it. :-)

Metallic Antique Jewelry Box

Oooh, I love this box so much. I bought it at a flea market a year ago for $12 - I say, worth every penny . Just look at that detail! Inside it is grey velvet. In fact, I love it so much, I bought another similar one!! Hmmmm, another collection brewing on the horizon for me I think. :-)

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Underneath this small nook, I have a small upholstered tufted stool in Ikat print bought at TJ Maxx too, ( on clearance for $25).

So now you know where I sit and put the final touches to my outfit! How about you, do you have a special spot for yourself as you get ready in the morning? What clever ways do you have for storing your jewelries?

Hope you get some idea on how to set-up yours if you haven't gotten to that yet!

Happy Labor day!

PS: Notice that I just started watermarking my photos? Heard a lot of scrapers are around waiting to pounce on posts without giving due credit to bloggers, so just wanted to start being careful. 

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