Most of us Do NOT buy custom-built or new houses.

Most of us "inherit" all the good and bad that comes with a house second hand.

Do you still remember your house before you moved in to it?

Well, I found these old pictures of our living room space before we bought the house....

That's me with our realtor

We love the house, but the decor was so not us

When we finally moved in, this was how it looked...

Still no better than before :-)

We added this media center

And eventually it looked like this...

Simple blues

Then this...

Spring greens

To finally this...

Summery Yellows

Isn't it amazing how we try to make the house OUR OWN by the furniture and decor we choose?

I find it so interesting how my tastes evolve (and how my stuff grows!), as we continue to dwell in the house that used to belong to another.   :-)

Have a Great Day!

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