As you may know, I am an online shopaholic/bargain hunter, and a lot of times I do find some nice deals that I share especially at one of my favorite blogs  Thank you Reichel for sharing some of my finds with your readers!!!!

Here are 2 fab finds I found recently while lurking thru the net...

First these Bentwood chairs ...

Constance Chairs from Ballard Designs $299 for 2 + shipping


Hamilton Bentwood chairs from $103 (on sale) + $45 for shipping


Mahogany Bentwood chairs from $69
The last one, I actually saw at the store in a light oak color, with an extra 25% coupon they routinely hand out, this one's a really good deal.  Here are some ideas on how to incorporate these into your home...

Here they are, nice and grey in the dining room

I love the second look best - kinda brings a cottage-y feel to this otherwise grand home right?

My second find is this cute look-a-like of the famous Jonathan Adler Nelson lamp

Beautiful $395 ++ lamp

Cute version from PB Teen for $79 + shade

Hey, with it's timeless shape and neutral color, you can put this baby ANYWHERE! One of my most favorite example is this...

Gorgeous Entry by Julie Halloway & Anisa Darnell from Milk and Honey Home

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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