Ok, enough of my Vacation Hang-overs for now. I want to write something about decor.

I adore sconces.

Mostly the non-electrical ones since I always worry about wiring and moving things around if I commit myself to a wired one.

So I particularly like Sconces that hold candles, like these...

From Wisteria

Industrial Sconce from Wisteria

The more the merrier

Different ones from Pottery Barn

Great in the living room
Or just to finish up the room

I myself have a pair already, bought at JC Penny's  (on clearance of course $39 for the pair) years ago. I still absolutely love them and they currently sit in our Main entry wall, one on each side...

Simple beauty

And recently I added something to this niche...

something missing...
Better :-)

Kirkland's Sconces

I found these babies at our local Kirkland's ( would you believe, it was the first time I was in that store?!). Got them for $23+ each!!!! It was a real steal since most of the sconces I posted above cost $50++++!

I placed battery-operated flameless candles I got from TARGET to avoid any accidents (these candles are awesome since they have a 4 hour timer too!).

Have a Wonderful Weekend!


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