Before February ends, let me share with you the rushed Valentines dinner 
I prepared for my family.

Last Valentines, we really had no plans whatsoever to eat out. 
We didn't DARE TO! 

I didn't have anything special planned for dinner that night, but then a co-worker of mine mentioned she just ordered a Heart-shaped Pizza for her family for that day to celebrate.

I didn't even know that kind of pizza existed! 
And that was my "light-bulb moment", I thought, MAYBE I could pull off a sweet surprise for my boys in 1 hour (because that was all the time I had from coming from work and before picking the kids up from school)!

First stop: Dollar TREE - I grabbed 4 balloons ( & some other stuff)
which I used instead of place cards.

This one was on my chair
The rest of them had their names on it

With a short message.. :-)

I called in my Heart-shaped pizza at Papa Murphys and 
started spinning my salad and making my dressing.

I then baked my brownies and eventually used a heart-shaped cookie-cutter 
(also from the Dollar Tree) to make these...

I was gonna top this off with yummy Ice cream for dessert!

Dipped my strawberries from some left-over chocolate that I had 
and waited for them to cool-off..

They are as yummy as they look!

I then started with my table setting.
Using left-over gift wrap from Aidans Dr. Seuss Party, I cut my place mats to size.
I then added the Valentine Napkin and heart shaped marshmallows (all from Dollar tree) and brought out my milk glass collection.

After I picked up the boys, we went straight to their weekly Piano lessons, then went to Papa Murphys to pick up our pizza! I baked it and here it is...

Bacon, Pepperoni, Green Peppers and mushroom with lotsa cheese = YuMMy!
For Drinks, my husband and I had Pink Moscato and the kids had Freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice with  apple slices.

Of course what dinner would be complete without Candle-light?!

Boys reading their Valentine Card from mommy and daddy

Tired but happy mommy with her happy family!
My kids and husband were all pleasantly surprised 
and I am so glad I did this for them! 

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines day too!

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