We have another guest room in the house. It's this one...

Purple and green palace - not the palate I'm too excited about ...
When we fixed out basement, we also spruced up this room a bit with new paint and flooring.

A bit of PROGRESS....?

A futon and 2 TV tables is not my idea of "inviting". So we really need to fix this space.

Like any other extra rooms, this place is filled with a mish-mash of things that have no proper space for. Like this desk from IKEA, a bit big and would be going to the garage soon.

All the wall frames were hung on previously placed hooks.

Yup, this room needs a lot of work in the decorating department. So here's my plan:

1) Add a REAL bed, the cushy kind - we do sleep here on  Stormy nights (this room is closest to our Storm room)

2) Add a nice Head board to go with that bed. I'm thinking of using this table cloth that I have. I'm thinking of DIY project on the horizon

 3) Cover that hole on the wall. With something like this.

Not as fancy, but I think it's the best way to cover that hole
4) Add a wardrobe for guests to put their clothes in. Maybe not as nice as this, but I'm thinking of hunting for one at my favorite stores. ;-)

5) Change those TV tables to real tables

Overall, I think it's not such a tough project. It's the money and time that I have to spend on it is what's gonna make this room happen. So wish me luck!

Have a Great Week!


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