Who isn't right?

I was browsing thru 1st Dibs  one day and  saw most of these gorgeous pieces that I'd like to share with you.
 Let's just say my mouth was "watering" just gazing at these marvels.

Bar Cart of my dreams

Dresser/drawer/buffet table - all around piece
Who knew Bar stools could look this elegant? - My Design chic
Chateau A'Gogo

Yes, I'll take this night table anytime ;-)

I'll eat here, thank you very much!

Aren't these perfect anywhere?!

Oh yes, I'll get all 8 please!

How can you not?!

Lucite furniture comes in all shapes and sizes and these are just some of the hundreds out there.
While browsing though, I spotted a few "ATYPICAL" pieces that are gorgeous too in their own right...

A definite YES, if I weren't carrying a bunch of old dollar bills and crappy phone inside!

Grogeous on it's own, but really don't think I'd hide anything in there!

Wouldn't you want to lounge in one of these? inside or out?
Yes, I'll sit at that one in any park!

How about this one? "Hello Invisible man? Are you there?!"

I can just see Lady Gaga or Sir Elton playing on this thing!

I wish to acquire a lucite piece that doesn't
cost as muh as any of these.
Right now, I am loving these acrylic pieces instead, that I have in my home.
The HUNT is on!
Have a Marvelous Weekend!


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