Yup, I have succumbed to this wonderful "mind-boggling" contraption called MIRACLEFOLD. Mind boggling because it is such a simple contraption that made me think, why I never thought of it in the first place ! (Yup, sour graping here a bit  :-()

Not so impressive...

I first saw this a couple of months back, but wasn't too impressed and thought that hey,

 "Why do I need help with folding? I KNOW how to fold?! Folding is like knowing how to set the table right, fixing a frozen pipe, or knowing how to play BOGGLE!"

Ha! Was I wrong, what got me convinced was when I saw this video over at I HEART ORGANIZING...

So one Friday, I went from this...

Admit it, this looks just like your own sons drawer :-)

Closet what?!

Hubby cubby = bubbly mess

Wifey cubby = coraled mess


To this...

Aaah! even my son appreciated this!!!

Look - more space after proper folding!
A place and space for everything

MUCH bettah!

Finally easy on the eyes

Hubbys shirts neatly tucked in the drawers
It has been a couple of weeks since I did this, and so far, the closets still looks quite organized. When I mentioned this to my hubby he said that he too felt a "little bit more careful" in trying to get his clothes since he also wanted to keep the organized look! Ha! SUCCESS!

And as for me,  I'm a happier laundress/ folder/ mom/ wife! Haay, the joys of domestic chores realized.

Have a Wonderful Day!


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