When I look at pictures of beautiful living rooms, one thing that always draws my attention is the vignettes on top of different coffee tables. Here are some of my favorites...

Rustic mix of objects - via Wisteria

Modern table mixed with some traditional objects - via Martha Stewart

Great example of how to use an ottoman as a coffee table - via HGTV

Making your coffee table work for you - as a place to display your books - via House Beautiful

Great example of modern cottage - via The Nate Show

Uncluttered yet organic vignette - via Houzz.com

Flowers and books on the coffee table, always a sure bet - via Houzz.com

What to put on top of a large coffee table - via Wisteria

Another example of what to put on a large table - via Houzz.com

After all these gorgeous inspiration, here is my simple vignette on our own coffee table...

Simple and uncluttered

I had to NOT place tall objects on the table since TV viewing is still one of the main things to do in our living room. And with kids in tow, keeping it simple and uncluttered was key.

I placed a golden tray (Pier 1 imports $10 bought years ago), along with some coffee table books. I love books on the  coffee table because it is easy to change it out depending on my mood. I have a bunch of designer coffee table books that I have been collecting, and from time to time, I switch among this collection of mine. I also placed a bone-covered wall decor, used as a stand to display some favorite objects - a cute gold and bone apple box (TJ Maxx $5), Jonathan Adler Candle and a small vase with flower (Target $7).

Usable space underneath
Underneath the table, I have ample storage for my kids game boards and books ( and some toys). And believe me, these 2 baskets hold none of MY STUFF, it's all THE KIDS STUFF. :-) I think this is a good example of how you can decorate and "live" with kids in your living room space.

I bought the baskets at TJMaxx for $12 a piece - a real steal! The extra pillows are really cute - they are covered in wooden beads  from The Sak and I bought those years ago at Homegoods.

There you have it. I'm just curious though, what's in yours?

Have a Wonderful day!!!


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