Remember when I posted about "what was wrong with our living room"? Well, I finally completed, so far, our living room by finding the right carpet for the space! I mean, I literally looked at thousands of carpet, no exaggeration there.

The problem is committing to a large 8 x 10 rug is difficult since changing it often would entail a lot of work and money. And with my flip-flopping and tweaking our home every now and then, finding the right rug on a budget was very challenging.

Finally, with the help of Charmaine of over at My Best friend Craig blog (thank you, thank you so much for your help), I decided to take the plunge and ordered this rug online, and I couldn't be happier, Take a look...


Love the yellows, browns and greys

My Chair-loves along with my new Rope-lamp-love!

Phone table

I just love this rug!

I got the rug from - it's a natural weave sisal rug made of 100% jute. It is comfortable on the feet despite its bumpy feel. It does not shed, unlike my previous wool rug which was still shedding after a year of use. I love the fact that I can just put a smaller 5 x 8 rug on top whenever I get tired of this rug or I just want to change the color scheme.

Here is the living room again, at night this time...

Warm and cozy

We all love this living room space. Even my hubby loves it so much that he gave me the best compliment yet! I hope you somehow got inspired with this decor of ours.

Have a great day!


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