Our weekend was H-E-C-T-I-C!
Hectic in a good way because we had our BABY SHOWER!!!!

Entry to the party room
Everything was planned and set-up by my close friends who willingly called themselves  

We truly appreciate all the planning, time, effort and love they've given to us for this special event!
I mean the baby shower was probably one of the BEST gift itself!
Only thing I did was pick a theme - RAINBOW, and sent out invites to my other friends!

Take a look...

Wall decoration- check out those trees on the side made up of leaves with green trash bags

Another angle - love the picket fence! There were flowers at the bottom too that I failed to capture!
Ceiling decoration with personalized mobile with our pics and ultrasound photos!
Center table with gifts, prizes, cakes and giveaways

Another view
Some of the baby bottle giveaways!
Baby cake made by a friend - take note, everything on the cake is edible except for the swan & carriage!

Diaper cake I made for my baby - Hey, I made one for my girlfriends, of course I need to
make one for my own! ;-)
Dessert Table
Slide show

Some of the centerpiece

Another colorful centerpiece
All the food

We also had games - my friend Luisa was one of the winners in guessing my belly girth! We also had Baby Bingo, guess the baby's weight and height (prize will come later of course)
My lovely neighbors

Former Co-workers


And these were the ladies responsible for this memorable and fun-filled day!

My Baby Shower Divas

Another fun pose
Our whole family was excited and happy with all this generosity and love...

But for sure, one member of our family, will someday look back unto this special day and know how much she was loved even before she was born!

Although a lot of people could not make it, our baby Sophia has been showered already with so much gifts, prayers and love.
A big THANKS again to all our friends and family!

Have a Great Week!



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