We had a great time in Florida!

Although it was searing H-O-T,  I was lucky enough to use an ECV (Electric Conveyance Vehicle) during our theme park visits, so it wasn't so bad for me as far as walking goes.

I will tell you more about our short vacation later on, and of course, there's a ton of  laundry and back reading I need to do!!! Can't wait to see what you guys have been up to!

For now, I am just going gaga again for ZARA Home, so check out these faves of mine from their latest collection!

 Fab Great Room from Zara Home Lookbook

Bridles Print Pillow - $35.90

Another View from Zara Home Lookbook

Plain Fur Throw $189

Dining Room from Zara Home Lookbook

Transparent Handle Flatware - $3.90-4.90
Bedroom from Zara home Lookbook

Round Nest of Tables (set of 2) -$249

Bathroom from Zara Home Lookbook

Towel with Linen border -$6.90-39.90

Guest room from Zara Home Lookbook

Raised Geometric Design Quilt -$249
Powder Room from Zara Home Lookbook

Raised Horse Pattern Bathroom set -$9.90-19.90
Mudroom from Zara home Lookbook
Basic Sriped rug - $35.90

Boy Kid's Room from Zara Home Lookbook

Cuddly-Toy-Print Bedding -$14.90-79.90

Girl Kid's Bedroom by Zara Home Lookbook

Round Multicolored Basket -&35.90
Floral Print Linen Pillow - $35.90
Nursery from Zara home Lookbook
Embroidered Linen Pillow - $35.90

Hope you have a Fabulous Week!


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