Ok, now that you know how the kitchen will hopefully look like, let's start shoppin' and choosin' appliances for this space!

I need to replace the cooktop, vent, and dishwasher mainly. And so let's start with the first -
the cooktop.

If I were a millionaire and had no qualms about money whatsoever, this is what I would have...

officine gullo cooking machine

Of Course, I would have to live in a totally different house all together too! Hah!
However, you all know my cooktop is going on the island. Currently ours is electric cooktop and I will still get an electric one again. Three reasons: 1) We're used to it already 2) Safety (my husband just feels safer with electric than gas) 3) Cost - cheaper for us since we'll just be replacing what's already there and no more gas lines that need to be added.

Here's what I have right now...

And here are my choices...

1) Thermador 36" Masterpiece series  Induction cooktop

PROS: heats up fast and safe -only the bottom of your pan heats up so very safe for kids; beautiful cooktop to look at, very hi-tech looking, great brand

CONS: Induction cooktops are PICKY - you have to use ferromagnetic pans only, in laymans term, cast iron, enameled steel and some stainless steel pans! You cannot use normal stainless steel, glass, ceramic, copper or aluminum pans (which means I have to throw out all my pans all together!).

I recently bought a Salad Master Cookware set made upf titanium stainless steel, and I am not about to throw them out just get this kind of cooktop.

Also, I don't want touch buttons like these. Just feel like it might go hay wire on me at some point and seems that anything button-ey in a kitchen is difficult  (and costly) to fix?.

2) WOLF 36" electric cooktop
PROS: great  brand, cool hi-tech look
CONS: Among my 3 choices this was actually the most expensive, also don't like the touch buttons

3) Viking 36" Electric cooktop

This is actually my choice. Eversince my interest in design and homes flourished, I have always equated great kitchen with Viking. Call me a brand lover, I have some friends who swear by this brand when it come to cooking , in a good way. I also love the knobs instead of buttons for control and I love that it's customizable!

How about in your home? How do you cook - gas, electric, induction? Would love your input on this matter. Thanks!

Have A Wonderful day!


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