You all know how "BIG" halloween is around our household. But this year, I decided to tone it down a bit. My older son already thinks he's too old for costume ( I wonder where he got that idea from since I am all set with my MARGE SIMPSON COSTUME!:-)), and thinks he shouldn't go "trick or treating" anymore!

Anyway, I'm starting off my HALLOWEEN DECOR Series with this simple tablescape I did for the Dining room....

Grapewood filled with Eerie Creatures

Crows, spiders, rats and cockroach now have a place to be more noticed at :-)

Daytime View

Love that it was so easy to make and easy to put away for dinner

Agree - I wouldn't eat with these things on my table either!

I used my 2 grapewood vine decor and added the crows by attaching them using wires. Then I added the other creatures just for a more gloomy effect.

This is fairly easy to assemble, plus easy to remove when we do actually eat- I don't want these crows staring at me while I chomp up my meal!

I'll show more of the Halloween dining room next time.


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