Hey everyone, great news for fashion and home lovers out there! I just found out from Bianca yesterday over at A Fabulous Challenge that ZARA USA has opened their ZARA HOME store online TODAY!!!!!

Take a look at some of their goodies...

Wooster Table for $189
Absolutely beautiful and so versatile

Wea Stool $159

Monocle Nest of table $249

Lisboa Metal rug for $799
I think this is a 5 x 7  cowhide rug

Geometrics Rug $189

Lucas Decorative Quilt $349
Love that gold

Holy Candle $25.90

Sasha Pillow $49

Orian Pillow $35.90
Francesca pillo $35.90

Lawrence dinnwerware $14.90-16.90

Vernon teapot $59

England Coffee mug $14.90

And for the month of October, SHIPPING IS FREE PEOPLE!!!!!



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