I have been C-R-A-Z-Y busy this week, as in CRAZY! Will tell you all about it later on.

Ok, a little break from decorating.

On our last trip to the Philippines, I had stumbled upon beautiful, native treasures that have upgraded my wardrobe.

Take a look at these finds!

Guess what it is..

Any Ideas?

Love these so much I bought it in two colors!
 I bought this at "Resorts World" in a Rustan's subsidiary shop called "Our very Own", a specialty shop which sells high-end native Filipino decor and accessories. These are actually necklace/sun-visor.

Yes, you read it right.  A sun-visor, this is what it looks like when worn...

ready to roam

The designer, Dita Sandico Ong is, according to  Asiastore.org  "had the vision to embrace an ecologically-friendly design and production process, transforming the use of banana, abacca and other natural plant fibers into a fashion art form, revolutionizing the Philippine natural fiber industry by providing communities in dying industries with more sustainable income and giving life to struggling cultural heritage.",  astounding talent and woman!

Gorgeous Bib Necklace!

This is another find at SM's "KULTURA" store. It absolutely made my humdrum top into something much more interesting, don't you think?!

Trying to be a model :-)
My third awesome find was something I bought at the "Powerplant Mall". It's from one of the small shops called "Cosmopolitan". I have been looking for a statement belt and I was very fortunate to find this... and ON SALE!

Simply beautiful
No pic of me wearing it but it is just stunning!

I also wanted to get my very own ARANAZ BAG. And luckily on our last trip,  I finally got one!

Wicker and Leather together?? Why not?!

The company's philosphy is summed up here...

" Creative use of materials, fine detailing and exquisite handiwork have since become synonymous with the ARANAZ name. Its mission is to showcase the many possibilities of indigenous materials the Philippines has to offer.  Proud of its rich Filipino heritage, an ARANAZ bag exhibits its thrust to de-ethnicize the ethnic. Known for juxtaposing native materials such as mother of pearl, coconut shell, & wood beads with sparkling crystals, stones, luxurious fabrics and leather; their creations boast of a unique artisan-like feel with pleasantly surprising details that make them ultra special. Imagine the elegance of mother of pearl, the roughness of coconut shell and luxurious crystals all merging under a hand sculpted wooden frame. They seek to interpret global fashion trends with the use of native raw materials and local techniques.  "

But other than this, they just make beautiful bags! Here are some more examples

Luna Bag

 Diaper Bag By Aranaz for Avent

So if you eve get a chance to visit my home country, make sure to check out and shop at these places!!!

Have A Wonderful Week!


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