Here was our Orange-ful of room BEFORE...

The memories are giving me a headache! :-)

Too much orange right?!

And here it is now after my Re-do...

A Headache no more!

After adding the wallpaper and re-painting the other walls as you may have seen in my previous post, I put all my other stuff back in.

I got the Ceramic Trash bin from TJ Maxx for $10 on clearance. The white garden stool was from when it was on super sale. I figured, my lady friends would need a place to set their bags while doing their thing, and since there was no cabinetry or counter space at all inside this room, I added this pretty perch.

The vanity has sentimental value to me. I got it years ago from HomeGoods, and my mom bought it for me. It now serves as the toiletry essentials Cabinet in this space.

The Powder room Essentials

On this table, I placed basic stuff that I anticipate guests may need when they use this space. From Lotion to Cotton balls, ring holder (from a thrift store), wipes and Feminine Hygiene products (inside the cute metallic box underneath the wipes), I wanted an easy access to all things essential.

$6 beauty

 I got this drawing from Goodwill. I just liked the fact that it's an original artwork (I think) and I love the feel of the picture. This is a picture of Anne Hathaway cottage by the way.

Another View

There you have it folks! I hope you get some ideas on how to perk up your own Powder room someday!

Have a Nice day!

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